Bulletproof (1996): Flirting by the Bar


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The clip flirting by the bar from Bulletproof (1996) with Adam Sandler

What do you mean "What?" You called me over here.
I didn't call you over.
My friend said you wanted me to come. He said you wanted to make out with me.
Are you kidding?
He's the one who said it. I will if you...
What's up?
What the fuck are you doing?
Oh, shit.
I know it looks like I was hitting on your girlfriend, but...
...actually, I was hitting on her harder than you think...
...so step the fuck back...
...before I bitch slap your fucking heinie!
I'm going to kill you.
Is there a problem?
Fucking snatch face is a fucking problem.
There's things I want to do to you...
Chill, Archie.
I'll bite your ear off!
Come on, Archie.
I'm trying to chill, but Daddy-dipshit won't let me!
He's got me nuts with those crazy eyes and that armpit stench!
Apparently, you got some shit to work out.
No. We worked the shit out.
I'm glad we worked that shit out. I'll buy you a drink.
Here it comes.
Now it's on, motherfucker!
Man, not like that.
What's up?
Like this.
That's the old-school shit.
Honey? Muffin?
Honey. How's your Twinkie?

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