Bulletproof (1996): Arguing About the Past


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The clip arguing about the past from Bulletproof (1996) with Adam Sandler

Where did you get that? Didn't they search you?
I had it in my ass. Want a hit?
What are you doing?
You just wasted good weed.
Who were you talking to, your girlfriend? I didn't know you had a girlfriend.
I'll probably marry this one.
Marry her? I ain't ever getting married.
I wouldn't drag anybody into my miserable life.
And two cars in every garage. You betcha.
What was wrong with you...
...getting involved with a piece of shit like that?
I don't know.
Crime's the only thing I'm good at. I had a normal job once. A busboy.
I got fired in three days. I don't know how to give people butter.
I got the guy in the yellow trunks.
$20, the man in the green.
Actually, you already owe me $20.
For what?
Knicks at the Forum.
Remember, you didn't want to take any points? Were you crazy...
...or a sucker?
Maybe I'm the sucker.
Damn handcuff shit!
Man, you really had me fooled.
I would've done anything for you. I would've taken a bullet for you, Keats!
I bet that's not even your real name, Keats.
Holy shit. Your name really isn't Keats, is it?
It's Carter. Jack Carter.
I told you personal shit about myself. Shit I'd never told anyone in my life.
And you didn't even tell me your real name?
I was working undercover, what do you expect?
You didn't tell anybody, did you?
About what?
The shit I told you! You probably told every cop on the force!

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