Bulletproof (1996): Meeting the Boss


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The clip meeting the boss from Bulletproof (1996) with Adam Sandler

Tell me about yourself, Mr. Keats.
Well, there ain't much to say.
I did some time for breaking and entering. Armed robbery.
Petty shit like that.
What about references? You trust this man, Moses?
Mr. Colton, I trust him with my life.
That's good.
Because trust is an important commodity in business.
True that, true that.
True that.
I'll tell you who I trust. I trust Moses here.
Thank you.
And I trust my colleague, Mr. Bledsoe.
But most importantly, I want to tell you who I don't trust.
I don't trust you.
I don't trust you 'cause I don't know you.
Search him.
This is bullshit. I won't search him.
You search him, not because you want to, but because you have to, understand?
Mo, this is like some embarrassing shit.
I know this guy like I know myself.
If he's a cop, I'll suck your dick.
I'm sorry, bro.
See, no wires.
Well, hell, search him.
Well, fine.
If you don't ask, you never know. Understand?
...nobody moves until Jack lets us know Colton is on the premises.
Listen, Cap.
Yes, Jack?
Let me bring Archie in.
A lot of testosterone will be flying around.
I don't want some overzealous asshole denting Archie.
I knew it. You are sweet on the son of a bitch.
I know him. He's not that bad.
He's a lowlife scumbag.
Then he's my lowlife scumbag.
When this is over, maybe I can help him get his life together.

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