Beethoven (1992): Fight over the Incident with the Investors


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The clip fight over the incident with the investors from Beethoven (1992) with Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt

I really don't like our dog.
I really don't like those people.
I don't trust them.
I don't want their money.
I know my opinion doesn't matter, but I'm not interested in expanding.
If I had been home instead of helping you impress those morons...
...Emily wouldn't have fallen in the pool.
And I'm not re-entering the workforce.
You're gonna have to do this on your own.
And you will.
Somehow you'll make your fortune.
And tucked away behind you, deep in the shadows, will be me and the kids.
That's how you see me. Suddenly I'm a lousy husband and father.
Everything was fine until Beethoven came into our lives.
I've tried to be patient, but I've had it.
The dog has to go.
I'm proud of Beethoven.
Those two idiots insulted your kids and treated me like dirt.
He was the only one who had the nerve to give them the ride they deserved.
I'm going to bed.

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