Beethoven (1992): Barbecue for Contract Signing Part 2


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The clip barbecue for contract signing Part 2 from Beethoven (1992) with Patricia Heaton, Bonnie Hunt

He's a St. Bernard.
He's a purebred St. Bernard, isn't he?
Hello. Look at that big old tongue you've got! Yes!
Look at that. Come here. Oh, yeah.
You wanna come with Mommy and Daddy? Yes, you do.
Come on. We'll come to Mommy and Daddy.
Come on. Come on.
I just love these big, dumb animals.
I bet you do.
Dogs obey so much better than children, don't they?
Come here. Look, cutesy-ootsy-oogy.
Mama just loves this great big doggie-woggie.
The places for you to sign...
...are marked by that blue clip right there.
This are all standard stuff?
You sure you wanna '"signee-wignee'" right now?
Alice, I'm sorry.
I've got that. You be careful. I don't want you to break a nail.
Right down there where the blue arrow is.
Right there.
Honey, you sit. I've got this.
You guys don't seem to have made a good impression.
I'm crushed.
Me, too.
I'll cry all night.
I don't like 'em either. But these people are important to Dad's business.
I hope Beethoven slimes that lady's dress.
If you don't want our capital...

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