Empire (2002): Argument Between Victor and Jimmy


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The clip argument between victor and jimmy from Empire (2002)

What were you thinking?.
You fucking promised me you wouldn't do anything!
You're fucking overreacting! Calm the fuck down!
Fuckyou, motherfucker! Fuckyou!
I'm not overreacting, you fucking idiot!
I gave you the crew to run, not to fucking take them on a suicide mission.
Fucking kill yourself, but don't take Jay and Chedda with you, you asshole!
You fuckin' trying to tell me how to run my fuckin' business?.
It's beyond that, man. I gave you your fuckin' business.
You were nothing before I came into this shit!
What the fuck do you know?. You ain't been around for months!
Come skippin' back into the fuckin' neighborhood.
It's supposed to be the same. But you know what?.
This fuckin' shit is different. This whole fuckin' thing is ours.
Jimmy, you're not listening. You're not listening, man.
La Colombiana doesn't fuckin' play. She's gonna come after your ass.
La Colombiana. I'll give her my fucking balls.
Chedda, Jay, listen to me.
Listen to me. I'm telling you. It's over for the man.
They're gonna kill him. Do you understand?.
Ain't nobody touching nothing over here.
Look. Let me tell you, Jimmy.
I'm not gonna give you a diaper buddy, knee-high little speech over here.
We all we got. Understand?.
We been doing this shit. Them motherfuckers is dead.
There's nothing gonna bring 'em back. They got toe tags.
They outta here. It's done.
What needs to be known right now...
are you on this side over here, or are you with them motherfuckers?.
It's not that simple.
It is that fuckin' simple.
Remember when you fixed my VCR?.
You fixed it, I fucked it up.
No matter how bad it got, you fixed it, I fucked it up.
You fixed it, I fucked it up.
Fix this.
You think you fucked me, right?.
You just to like to prove some shit...
that maybe you can't be told what to do?.
But you fucked yourself worse.
Yeah. You know what I think?.
What do you think?.
I think that's what you all about.
I think you don't give a fuck about Jay, Chedda, me-
You know who you always give a fuck about?.

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