Empire (2002): Rafael Takes Victor to La Colombiana


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The clip rafael takes victor to La Colombiana from Empire (2002)

Morning, Vic. Nice fuckin' place.
Security's a little light, though.
Don�t you ever fuckin' sleep?.
Vic, come on. We had a nice deal going.
You can't just run out on us.
Does it look like I'm trying to run out?.
She wants to see you.
All right, all right.
Get dressed.
I did what I said I was going to do. There is the money.
I'm incredibly grateful for that.
What happened last night?.
You were supposed to make sure there was no violence.
You know, I tried--
What am I supposed to do with "tried," Vic?.
You said you could control Jimmy, and what have I got?.
One of my key dealers dead because you "tried"?.
This is how you wanna do business with me?.
I am trusting you with one and a half million dollars.
You're gonna fix this.

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