Empire (2002): Victor Tells Jimmy to Run Away Before Get Killed


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The clip victor tells jimmy to run away before get killed from Empire (2002)

All right. I'll meet you there. Peace.
Don't come any fucking closer.
Take your fucking hands out your pocket. Let me see your hands.
Here you go. I just wanna talk to you.
I just wanna talk to you. That's all.
So talk.
You know, on my way over here I was thinking about that time--
Remember that time when we were about in eighth grade...
and we were at that bodega near Saint Anne's...
and we were gonna rob that carton of cigarettes?.
You were supposed to pretend to be in a seizure, and we go in there...
and the guy starts--
You throw yourself on the ground, flippin' and foamin'...
and the guy starts laughing.
You start flipping out a little more, going a little crazier.
The guy laughs more. You jump up, you grab him.
You say "Yo, motherfucker.
If this shit was for real...
would you be laughing your ass off like that, motherfucker??"
You went crazy. You started goddamn tearing the place apart, man.
Right then and there, I knew you could do anything you ever wanted, man.
'Cause you were afraid of nothin'.
That shit always stuck with me.
And then they sent you to kill me?.
You gonna do it?.
What do you think?.
I think you thought about it.

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