Empire (2002): Victor Leaves the Mob


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The clip victor leaves the mob from Empire (2002)

This don't make no sense to me.
What, you got some pussy down there?.
Come on, Chedda.
I'm trying to concentrate here.
You ain't got no concentration. That's the problem.
Ain't nobody talkin' to you. I'm over here with this.
You'll be back. Everything you are is in this neighborhood.
What's wrong with you motherfuckers?.
That's right, man.
Motherfuckers should be happy. He's doing something with his life.
You out your mind, man. We came up knee-high with this.
This is family. You see this?. All this is family, understand?.
We still family.
I love you motherfuckers.
He'll be back.
No, I'm not coming back. This is it.
I gotta move on. I made my decision.
Jimmy's gonna take over the spots. You're lucky to have a leader like this.
You ain't never coming back?.
No, dawg, I'm coming back.
I'm coming back 'cause I gotta smoke with my ho's.
A motherfucker's gotta smoke with his ho's.

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