Empire (2002): Dinner with Jack and His Girlfriend


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The clip dinner with jack and his girlfriend from Empire (2002)

You know I took a big chance working with you in the first place, right?.
I know, man.
This can't happen.
I took a chance on you too, you know.
I know.
But if it happens again, the deal's off. All right?.
All right. Yeah.
The girls are waiting for us. You wanna go out?.
All right, whatever.
Come on.
We started out
As friends
And then the fun began
This place is so amazing. You guys are gonna love it.
And you know what?. A lot of " boriquas" come here.
A lot of what?.
" Boriquas"
Boriquas, Vic. Leave her alone. You know what she said.
Look, there's Mike. Remember Mike?. He was here last time.
Yes, you do.
She's hard-core, man.
The one who loves and leaves me
So why can't you drink?.
My baby's having a baby.
Hell, yeah. I know where to put it.
That's really great.
Congratulations. What did I miss?.
They're having a baby.
Yeah. Isn't that great?.
Oh, my God. You're having a baby?.
Isn't that beautiful?.
They're having a baby.
I heard it the first time.
And Jack knew before me?.
What is that drink?.
It's Bacardi and wine. Taste it.
That's so beautiful.
Thank you.
Can you feel it yet?.
You told me that you'd always love me
So is it gonna be pretty small with the baby in there?.

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