Empire (2002): Revenge to Victor


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The clip revenge to victor from Empire (2002)

You're lucky. That shit just missed your heart.
What side you think his heart is on?.
Who gives a fuck what side?.
We got important shit to discuss.
Jimmy, you know who the shooter was?.
That piece of shit we almost nailed the other day.
-I don't like them motherfuckers anyway. -That's what I'm sayin'.
That's Tito's boy. Tito's gonna pay. We hit that motherfucker tonight.
Nah, Jimmy, we can't do that, man. We just got beef with them.
If the cops see us, they'll come for us, man.
I don't give a fuck who knows. It's been two days.
We don't hit him tonight, them niggas gonna start pushin' in on our spots.
You don't think I know it's been two days?. I wanna get out of here.
Just wait for me.
Shit, man.
Yeah, baby.
Fuck 'em, man!
What's goin' on, man?. You wanna talk to me now, man?.
You got something to say?. Who's running this crew?.
Make sure he don't do anything stupid.
Whatever you say, papa.
What ever you say.
You right, Vic.
I'm gonna wait.
Call me later, all right?.

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