Empire (2002): Asking for the Boy's Money


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The clip asking for the boy's money from Empire (2002) with John Leguizamo

There's no tongue allowed in here.
Yo, Vic, what's up, man?.
That's all right. He just needs a minute with your girl.
Me?. What's up?. What'd I do?.
Your son's gonna come home with a Playstation tomorrow. I gave it to him.
But I didn't--
Shut the fuck up!
Cheena, just shut the fuck up.
Listen to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
He's bringing a Playstation tomorrow night. Can you understand that?.
I understand. You got it for him. Thank you.
I'm gonna check up on that Playstation...
and if I don't see it I'm gonna assume you sold it.
You got me?.
Don't answer. It doesn't need an answer.
And by the way, that money your son saved up?.
I want it. Friday.
Okay. Okay.

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