Empire (2002): Display Money


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The clip display money from Empire (2002)

For everybody-
everybody-- money is what life is all about.
Getting it, keeping it, losing it, holding it...
needing it, living it and dying for it.
You have to look like you got it, whether you do or not.
That's how you get respect--
you gotta put your money on display the right way.
My brother G knew just how to do it, and he taught me well.
I need him now.
I mean, not for nothin', but just to look at him...
with his G chain...
the old Alpaca sweater...
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five...
and, of course, my first pair of British Walkers.
Yep, he was the man...
and those were the days.
I miss him.

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