Empire (2002): Buy Playstation for the Kids


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The clip buy playstation for the kids from Empire (2002)

Yo, what's up?.
What's up, little midget?.
How you doin?. Where's your moms?.
Who's the little player hater, huh?.
Jason, from Prospect.
Yo, if I ask you somethin', you promise not to tell my mom?.
No, I don't make no promises. Just tell me what it is.
My mom don't like me asking anyone for anything...
but the new Playstation's out.
Cut to the chase. How much is it?.
I think about $400.
No, it ain't. It's, like, $395.
What ever happened to water pistols and fuckin' yo-yos, man?.
Wait, wait.
I been saving up mad money, you know, and my mom be taking it all.
Now I ain't got jack.
Your mom taking your money?.
No jack.
Listen to me.
Tomorrow you go to Boltron's and you ask for Weebs.
I'm gonna hook you up with a Playstation and three games. All right?.
Thanks, Vic. Come on.
Yo, yo, hold up.
Come here.
What you want?.
Yo, I ain't Santa Claus, man.
You're gonna clean my car for two months...
twice a week.
Make sure that car's clean inside out or I'm gonna go off on you.
All right, get the hell outta here.

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