Empire (2002): Victor Kills Jack and Trish


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The clip victor kills jack and trish from Empire (2002)

How much is in there?.
Listen to me.
$120,000. You need me! You know you need me!
Jack, if that�s your name-- What is your name?.
I'm not telling you my name.
Why shouldn't I kill you then?.
You want the money?. The $4 million?. You need me!
I don't need you, you fuck. You pushed me into the hole.
Be calm for one second.
You know you need me to get that $4 million.
If you want to be smart, you don't want to be some fucking stupid spick--
Don't ever call me a spick, you piece of white fucking trash!
Goddamn you!
Where's the money, Jack?.
Jack, come on. Where's the money?.
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Tell me where the money is. I don't want to have to kill you.
Ghetto piece of shit!

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