The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Internal Crisis


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The clip internal crisis from The Bourne Supremacy (2004) with Joan Allen, Brian Cox

Pam, I want to show you something. It's in Alexanderplatz.
We got three levels, we got 15 tunnels.
They're all converging in a five-block radius.
Over here, Luftschutzbunker.
That was an old war shelter.
How many men are out there?
Two coming down the back stairs.
The rest are fanned out for a search.
What's our security situation here?
Where, "here"? The ground?
Here, here. In the building.
Check everything, and recheck all the stairwells, all the hallways, everything.
It's done.
Okay, let's go public.
Release his photo to the Berlin police.
And check out his story about the girlfriend in India, too.
I'm on it.
You're in a big puddle of shit, Pamela,
and you don't have the shoes for it.
He said he didn't know anything about Berlin.
He knew that Nicky was wearing a wire.
Don't you think that was for our benefit?
He didn't sound like a man in control to me.
We know he was in Berlin.
His mind is broken. We broke it.
And now... What now? Terminate him?
You've been pushing that agenda ever since we got here.
He also said you were running Treadstone. Should we believe that, too?
I'm convinced that Bourne knows something.
He knows that you're after him
and in the interest of self-preservation you might start with that.
Check on those photos. Have they gone out?
I need to show you something.

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