The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Nicky's Predictment


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The clip Nicky's predictment from The Bourne Supremacy (2004) with Julia Stiles, Joan Allen

You'd been working at Treadstone for three years
and your cover at the time was what?
That I was an American student in Paris.
And what exactly did your job with Treadstone in Paris consist of?
I had two responsibilities.
One was to coordinate logistical operations.
The other was to monitor the health of the agents.
Health, meaning what? Their mental health.
Because of what they had been through,
they were prone to a variety of problems.
What kind of problems?
Depression, anger, compulsive behaviors.
They had physical symptoms.
Headaches, sensitivity to light.
Amnesia? Before Bourne? No.
The plane's ready.
There's a car waiting for you.
Good luck.
No. You were his local contact.
You were with him the night Conklin died.
You're coming with us.

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