The Bourne Supremacy (2004): Treadstone File Briefing


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The clip treadstone file briefing from The Bourne Supremacy (2004) with Joan Allen, Brian Cox

Seven years ago, $20 million of CIA funds disappeared
during a wire transfer through Moscow.
In the investigation that followed
we were contacted by a Russian politician, Vladimir Neski.
Neski claimed we had a leak and that we'd been ripped off by one of our own.
And were we?
We never found out.
We were negotiating a meet with Mr. Neski when he was killed.
By who? His wife.
The case had gone cold until a month ago when we found a source.
Another Russian in Berlin who claimed
to have access to the Neski murder files.
We thought we had another bite at the apple.
Turns out the assassin was one of our own, Jason Bourne.
Now I know Treadstone's not a very popular subject around here,
but we found some interesting things when we dug a little deeper.
This is Conklin's personal computer.
His Treadstone files are bloated with code keys and case files
that he neither needed nor had clearance for.
Buried in the hard drive, we found a deleted file
with an account number to a bank in Zurich.
At the time of his death,
he was sitting on a personal account in the amount of $760,000.
You know what his budget was?
We were throwing money at him.
Throwing it at him and asking him to keep it dark.
It was his own account. He was up to something.
This is supposed to be definitive?
What's definitive is that I just lost two people in Berlin.
So what's your theory? Conklin's reaching out from the grave
to protect his good name? The man is dead.
No one's disputing that, Ward.
For Christ's sake, Marty, you knew Conklin.
Does this scan? I mean, at all?

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