Brewster's Millions (1985): Brewster's Mayor Candidacy


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The clip Brewster's mayor candidacy from Brewster's Millions (1985)

Monty Brewster. That's me, right?
Tonight, I'm here to talk to you about "None of the above".
You know how, at election time, you decide not to vote...
..because the two candidates are so repulsive?
Repulsive's not the word. We 're all full of shit.
I didn't think you could use that kind of language on television.
Maybe he's just trying to get his point across.
I never wear a suit and a tie. Never.
These are just things politicians use to trick. you into they're respectable.
Well... to the politician, huh?
He bought prime time on every station?
Worse than that, he's on network.
He's running spots in all 52 states in case any New Yorkers are on vacation.
Write in "None of the above" on your ballot.
Don't vote for any of us. We 're assholes.
We 'll only mak.e things worse.
Let's drink. to it.

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