Brewster's Millions (1985): Baseball Game


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The clip baseball game from Brewster's Millions (1985)

Monty Brewster peers in at his sign and kicks in the first pitch.
No, that was his fastball.
I guess you'd have to call that his change-up, hey, Biff?
(commentator) Swing on, it's a hotshot.
You are out.
Ken Dixon stepping in for the Yanks. Biff?
Dixon's reputation as a tough competitor is legendary, Vinnie.
Hey, Ken Dixon. It's a pleasure to be on the same field.
I admire your work. You're a great hitter.
That pitcher of yours thinks he's cute.
He sure does.
You had a great season this year, Mr Dixon.
I saw that game in Boston back in June, was it?
Saw that game?
Yeah, I saw that game.
I tell you. Great game. Two home runs. A triple. Six RBls. I can't believe... didn't make the all-star team.
I didn't believe it either.
That was a foul ball.
Come on, Monty. Keep it in there.
Dixon, I saw your wife on television.
She sure is an ugly bitch.
Strike three, you're out!
And you shut up. Get outta here.
You shut up. Get outta here.
You shut up.
What did I say?
What happened, man?
He called my wife an ugly bitch.
Snack bar!
I'm a snack bar? You're an asshole.
It's a heated exchange. Looks like this game may have some real spirit after all.
It's all right. Come on.

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