Brewster's Millions (1985): Final Party


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The clip final party from Brewster's Millions (1985)

Mr Donaldo, we're accepting contributions for Mr Brewster...
..since he's currently insolvent.
Yeah. Put some money in here now.
I didn't bring my wallet. I thought this was a free party.
I see. Too bad.
Do you put your money in tin cans?
You got it, big boy. This gravy train ain't gonna run for ever.
Oh-ho, what's this?
Well, thank you very much. This is generous of you. Very generous.
I'm gonna put you on my Christmas-card list.
How about a glass of champagne?
How about a bottle of champagne? I'm gonna get drunk.
(Spik.e) Monty!
Monty, good news, pal. Good news.
Mr Brewster, I think you're a hell of a nice man and we took up a collection for you.
You've paid us all so much money, we feel bad now that you're broke... would you take this money, please?
I really appreciate this, but you know me.
I'll just spend it. I can't take it.
Brother, take the money, please.
I can't.
Take the money.
I know. You don't want charity. Forget the charity.
I was gonna save this for a rainy day. I tell ya now, it's raining.
Except for a few suits that I bought, I saved almost every penny you gave me.
Now, I got an idea.
We're gonna buy a Corvette and drive across country to the Rocky Mountains.
We'll buy a cabin and go fishing...
Spike, you're beautiful, man. You are.
But you don't know. Tomorrow...
Almost let the cat out of the bag, Uncle Rupert.
What are you talkin' about?
I can't tell my closest friend cos my Uncle Rupert's a son of a bitch.

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