Brewster's Millions (1985): Spending More Money


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The clip spending more money from Brewster's Millions (1985)

Spike, you know what I'd like you to do? Choke this guy.
Come on, asshole.
I'll give you a line on anything. Baseball, basketball, football, ponies.
Come on with me. I gotta get my messages.
My name is Dr Jason. I'd like to draw your attention to this area here.
This is the Arabian desert. It is as dry as a bone.
Ice water can cost you as much as $5 a glass.
This is the North Pole. It's an ice floe.
Floating throughout this region are many icebergs, and nobody owns them.
They're PDls
public domain icebergs.
I think you're beginning to recognise how simple this idea is.
Now. I would like to go there and select a good-size iceberg,...
..dig out a chamber from its rear,...
..drop in two 20,000-horsepower diesel engines,...
..and sail Brewster's Berg Number One to Mecca.
What do you think, sir?
I don't know what to think.
Hello. Yes? What? It went up?
Well, sell it.
Don't sell it. You buy when it's like that.
Great idea. What's your name?
I want to bet on every long shot in every race, over 50-1, this week at Aqueduct.
For the week? Yeah, I can cover it.
How much would it take to do this?
Oh, no. It melts and he knows it.
We would experience a loss of only 18% on the entire trip.
Hey! Think of what that means to all those thirsty Arab farmers.
What thirsty Arab farmers?
There aren't any.
There's no farmers in the desert, Monty!
Well, I think that's unfair.
"Loyola vs Notre Dame?" In a field-hockey game? This is fabulous!
You went to Loyola.
You gotta be kidding.
I wanna bet $50,000 that Loyola wins.
$50,000 on Loyola over Notre Dame and $5,000 on every long shot for the week.
You are down.
It's field hockey!
If I gave you $1 million for this, would that be enough?
$1 million. That would be great, sir.

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