Brewster's Millions (1985): Greet Baseball Team


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The clip greet baseball team from Brewster's Millions (1985)

Chuck Fleming. I'm at Battery Park with Montgomery Brewster and entourage,...
..awaiting the arrival of the Hackensack Bulls,... to tune up for an unprecedented game with the New York Yankees.
Yee-ha ha!
For Christ's sake, you fly us all the way from Jersey,...
..then you get these choppers to fly us back here.
By bus, we'd have been here two hours ago.
Not my team. From now on, we travel first class!
Charley, welcome to New York City!
You guys look great. How you like the new uniforms?
Wait till you see the apartments I rented for you guys.
He rented apartments for these guys?
Apartments? Penthouses with swimming pools.
27 players, everybody's got their own place.
We're gonna have a lotta fun, we're gonna get in shape and beat the Yankees!
You oughtta lock him up for his own good.
What's he think he's doin'? The Yankees see this, they're gonna rub it in.
Come on, Charley, relax! Enjoy yourself!
I hope we haven't underestimated him.
I beg your pardon?
Oh, you're doing fine.
This is the kind of flagrant misuse of money we want to be apprised of.
He's wasting millions of dollars. Look at what he's spent on the decorations.

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