Brewster's Millions (1985): Spending Money


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The clip spending money from Brewster's Millions (1985)

Thanks for the loan of the quarter.
Wow! Now that's really nice.
It's beautiful. But there is no way...
..l could spend over $200,000 for something you wear around your neck.
You know how many hungry people that could feed?
Let's go to lunch.
Yo! Taxi!
Who the hell is that?
Monty Brewster, the world's richest guy.
Would you like to be my personal driver for the next 30 days at $5,000 a week?
You wanna hire a piece-of-shit cab for $5,000 a week?
What a country! America, I love it!
You could hire a fleet of limousines for that money!
You know where to hire limousines?
Hire me three of the most expensive limousines you can find, with drivers.
Bring the receipts and give 'em to Miss Drake. We're goin' to lunch now.
Hey, everybody. Anybody wanna go to lunch? I'm buying.
(all) Yeah!
Buzz off. I'm his personal photographer.
This is a free country.
Come on, Spike!
Wait for me, pal!
(all) Taxi!
What's your name?
Melvin, give him $500.
Yes, sir.
(gasps) Look at all that money.
You have the most beautiful eyes.
I was hired to keep your accounts for 30 days. That's the extent of my services.
To where is our destination?
Monty! How you doin', pal?
Get in!
That's Spike. We're buddies. We're all together.
(car horns)

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