Brewster's Millions (1985): Deposit Money


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The clip deposit money from Brewster's Millions (1985)

This is Chuck Fleming in Times Square. That newsflash tells it all.
Former candidate Montgomery Brewster,...
..who withdrew from the campaign yesterday, and apparently dead broke,...
..checked out of his hotel a few hours ago,...
..wearing the baseball jersey and cap he had on 30 days ago.
Where is he now? Nobody seems to know.
We followed his roller-coaster ride of success and failure...
..and now it would seem to be over.
But those of you following the election results know that that's not so.
If you're out there, Monty, turn on a radio or a TV set or pick up a newspaper.
I think you might be proud of what's happened in this city today.
Chuck Fleming, Action News.
Oh, Monty. Just the man I wanted to see.
I've got wonderful news. No, wonderful, wonderful news.
Do you remember the $20,000 that you gave me as a deposit on the furniture?
Well, here it is. You're not broke after all.
Isn't that fortunate?
Three minutes.

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