Brewster's Millions (1985): Spending Last 20,000$ Part 3


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The clip spending last 20,000$ Part 3 from Brewster's Millions (1985)

I'll need an attorney. Will $20,000 be enough of a retainer?
I'm a paralegal. I don't have a degree.
You can get one with $20,000.
You need a receipt!
(clock. starts 12)
I'll give you a receipt.
Please! Hurry, please.
( ends)
As the executor of your great-uncle's will, I hereby declare...
..that the full inheritance of $300 million is yours.
Gentlemen, I sense conspiracy to defraud here.
I'll have to order a full investigation, with your consent, Mr Brewster.
Well... Send 'em to the showers.
It'll take 20 years to dry off where you're goin'. Better take a big towel.
Mr Roundfield, you're a real nice man.
Thank you very much. You're a real nice man.
Warren, better learn the blues. You know...
# Hey, baby, I'm sorry I did it
# I didn't mean to do it
# We got the money

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