The Black Dahlia (2006): Elizabeth Short's Dead Body


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The clip Elizabeth Short's Dead Body from The Black Dahlia (2006) with Mike Starr, Josh Hartnett

Well, that's about it.
Thank you for your time, Detective, and for the good police work.
Blanchard knew the white guy, I guess.
Busted him once.
He snitched for Lee a couple of times.
Baxter Fitch.
It's a busy neighborhood.
Take a look at top billing.
All right, easy. Guys, guys. Please.
Don't trample over everything, please. Easy.
Secure the area.
All right, listen up. No reporters view the body.
You photo men, finish taking your pictures now.
Coroner's men, put a sheet on the body as soon as they are done.
We set up a perimeter six feet back.
Any reporter crosses it, arrest him.
Now, gentlemen, before this gets out of hand,
let's put the kibosh on something.
With publicity, you get confessions.
With confessions, you get crazies, liars and false leads.
So, we keep some things quiet.
The ear-to-ear facial lacerations,
you keep this information to yourselves.
Not your wives, not your girlfriends,
no other officers, and I mean no...
Bleichert, what the hell are you doing here?
Where the hell's Blanchard?
He's right here.
Nash might be renting a room in that building over there.
I heard something on the radio about a shooting.
Was that Nash? No.
We had some trouble.

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