The Black Dahlia (2006): After The Fight


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The clip After The Fight from The Black Dahlia (2006)

Give me a smile.
It's nice, isn't it, Papa?
What do you think?
Hey! Canvasback!
You going to hide in there another week?
Ain't you bored yet?
Nice chompers.
So, you want to work Warrants?
I lost. What about Loew's deal?
Don't you read the papers? The bond passed yesterday.
You want the job?
Atta boy, Mr. Ice.
Show them what's under the lip, boss.
Right over here.
Officer Bleichert, the men of Central Dicks.
Homicide, Ad Vice, Bunco, et cetera. I'm Captain John Tierney.
You and Lee are the white men of the hour,
so I hope you enjoyed your ovation.
You won't get another one till you retire.
Enough horse shit! Listen!
This is the felony summary report
for the week ending November 14, 1946.
First, two liquor store stickups
Broadway and Seventh, and Hill Liquor in Chinatown.
That one comes with a pistol whipping,

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