The Break-Up (2006): Strip Poker


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The clip strip poker from The Break-Up (2006) with Vince Vaughn

Welcome, everyone,
to the first annual Texas Hold'em No-Limit Strip Poker Tournament.
Now, per the e-mail that Lupus sent, we each have eight articles of clothing.
Now, if you want to bet, you take off an article of clothing,
you put it in the center.
If you win, you take back the clothes, you put back on what you bet.
The extras that other people bet will stay in front of you,
much the same as chips would.
You can go all in at any point,
but as I outlined, you must take off all your clothes to do so.
The game shall last an hour, maybe two,
at which point we will begin the dance portion of the evening.
Let's get going here.
I need to see the blinds. Small blind. Big blind.
The blinds are one and one.
Come on, ladies. All right.
Oh, yeah. Let's get going here.
Shuffle up and deal. All right.

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