The Break-Up (2006): Brooke's Date Befriends with Gary


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The clip brooke's date befriends with gary from The Break-Up (2006) with Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston

How big's your TV? Oh, shut up!
How big's your TV, 'cause I wanna know if you can see what's happening.
Oh, wow. You beat a 12-year-old.
I don't care if you're 12 years old. You have more time in the day to play.
I live in the real world, my man,
With bills and responsibilities.
That's right.
You can't have a handle called Mad Dog Killer if you complain every time...
Brooke? Hi, Mike.
Hi. Come on in.
Hold on, Mom. I'm coming.
Is your mom in the room with you?
'Cause I hope she can't see what's happening.
I hope she can't see what's happening.
I'm gonna be just a few more seconds. So, just sit down and relax.
Oh, yeah, no problem.
I'm sorry? Yeah, why'd you do that?
You take the fun out of beating you, because you have an excuse to lose.
Get a life, dude.
Do you think it's possible that your mom won't love you anymore
if she sees how bad you're losing in the game.
Shut up!
All right.
That's great. You're gonna stay man-to-man with me.
What happens when I make a play?
Making plays, making plays! Making plays!
Well, you know, that's how my people like to handle their business.
While your guys are out partying, mine are running routes.
Try to make a difference.
Mike? I'm ready to go.
Oh, hey,
do you mind if we finish the game? We got a real nail-biter going here.
Yeah, sure. Of course. Great.
Awesome, all right?
Touchdown. Oh, God, is that pretty.
God, is that pretty. Yeah, I'm a gentleman.
I like to be humble. I'm old school. I don't like to talk a lot.

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