The Break-Up (2006): Sightseeing Tour


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The clip sightseeing tour from The Break-Up (2006) with Vince Vaughn

All right, all right, everybody. Welcome to Three Brothers Bus Tours.
I'm brother number two. It's good to have you here.
That's right, there's plenty of seats here up front.
I promise I won't bite. I'm not a biter. I'm psyched to have you here.
Okay, a couple quick ground rules. Please don't jump off the bus.
Weird. Not fun for anybody.
Also, no throwing objects at pedestrians,
unless, of course, they deserve it. Okay?
We are not at work today. We are on vacation today.
And if you can't blow it out here on the big funny bus,
where the hell can you?
I do split the tips with my driver, Shondra.
We don't want her back out turning tricks.
That was a weird time for everyone. Seriously. Honest to God.
And I was a customer. Long time ago.
Come on, everybody, let's get loose!
I'm gonna ask you once. Show me that you mean it.
Don't make me ask you twice. Are you ready to see Chicago?
Are you ready to see Chicago?
That's what I'm talking about. Shondra, put this baby in the air.
Let's get the blood flowing. Let's get everyone up and let's loosen it up.
Coming up here, you're gonna notice
one of the only buildings to survive the fire of 1871.
That is the original Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station.

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