The Break-Up (2006): Dance Club


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The clip dance club from The Break-Up (2006) with Vince Vaughn, Cole Hauser

How about this? I feel like we just found hell.
When did you start coming to knobby joints like this?
I might be the greatest you've ever seen, pal.
I'm conquering new frontiers. Hello, babe.
Yeah, you've got to put up with the bad music and the $15 drinks,
but this place is stacked with top-shelf, young, dumb ass.
All you gotta do is just separate the weaker ones from the herd.
Come on, I'll get you into the VIP.
Can I get a couple drinks from you? Okay, L.G.
Lupus, I got to be totally... I got to be honest with you.
I'm not feeling it here.
You're gonna like it in here. You're gonna love it.
I don't like it out here. Look, listen to me, will you, please?
How you doing, Buzz?
While you were on the inside locked up for the past two years,
the game has changed.
Do you remember when you were an outdoor cat
and you used to have to hunt and kill for your food?
Well, you've become an indoor cat.
You've been getting your milk brought to you
in a silver bowl, and guess what?
Now, you've been tossed back outside
and the alley has changed. For example, your MTV generation,
your technology, your text message, your TiVo. You name it.
People want their information faster.
People e-mail each other because they want to exchange information, Gar.
They don't want to connect, they want results.
Okay. You gotta get to the message quicker.
Now, I want you to watch. It's real simple. Okay?
How you doing, ladies?
Now, here's what I'd like to do to you.
First, I'd like to get you naked.
And then I'm gonna take some Saran Wrap
and I'm gonna wrap you up in it, head to toe.
Then I'm gonna cut out two holes.
One for your mouth, so you can breathe, obviously.
And the other one... Asshole.
It could be a gorgeous evening for us, babe.
The pink is gorgeous. Jesus, God.
Come here. Lupus, listen to me. I want you to listen to me.
There are our drinks. You want your drink?
No, I'm fine. Thank you. The L.G. Thanks you.
Will you listen to me, please? You're my brother and I love you very much,
and maybe you do get laid tonight, but maybe you get arrested.
Arrested for what, babe? Being awesome?
Come on, babe, listen. You want to tell your jokes, tell your jokes.
But sooner or later you're gonna get hungry and you're gonna wanna eat.
And jokes might make you feel better, but they don't get you fed.
I'm gonna go take a lap.

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