The Break-Up (2006): Bowling Club


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The clip bowling club from The Break-Up (2006) with Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams

Wow. Okay? You see that? You know what I mean?
Yeah. That was awesome.
You just had your ex-boyfriend, who you wish you were still dating,
voted off the bowling team.
Well, I had to do that to get him right where I want him.
Where's that? Shirtless in the parking lot?
Addie, you're not getting this.
Gary loves this bowling team. He's hurt right now.
He's feeling pretty bad.
He's gonna go out there and he's gonna get drunk.
He's gonna make a complete fool of himself.
And he will be sitting there feeling pretty lonely
and pretty pathetic, and then it's just gonna hit him.
What's gonna hit him?
That not only is he out a girlfriend,
but his life is just falling apart piece by piece
and maybe that life was pretty great.
And maybe I was the glue that was holding it all together.
And if he wants that life back,
he's gonna have no choice but to change.

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