The Break-Up (2006): Phone Call


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The clip phone call from The Break-Up (2006) with Jennifer Aniston, Joey Lauren Adams

Addie, it just became so clear tonight
how much he takes me for granted.
What happened? Just the same old shit.
I asked him to do one thing and he didn't do it.
Then he complained that he had to do anything,
and I just felt like I had no choice.
No, sweetie, you did have a choice, okay?
And it sounds like you made the right one. You respected yourself.
But it's just not what I want. I don't want to break up with him.
I don't. I just want him to say thank you. I want him to want to do the dishes.
I just want him to want to take me to the ballet.
I want him to get me 12 lemons! You know...
I just want him to care enough about this relationship to want to work on it.
Okay, you know what? I'm putting on my shoes
and I'm gonna be there in 15 minutes. No, Ad. Don't.
Please, I really don't want to see anybody. I really don't.
But, look, I'm worried about you, okay?
And I can hear you in there banging around your dishes.
And I don't want you getting out your Clorox and your rubber gloves,
and taking this out on the kitchen. Look, look, look.
Okay. Tonight just... It just got a little out of hand,
and hopefully he's just gonna realize
that he's got some changes to make and he's gonna...
He's gonna come home and apologize.
Okay? That's what's gonna happen.

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