Doomsday (2008): Cally's Family


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The clip Cally's family from Doomsday (2008) with Rhona Mitra, MyAnna Buring

Where are you taking us?
Somewhere safe for the moment.
Sorry to piss in your chips, but we haven't got time to play safe.
You said you'd take us to Kane, and I need to see him now.
I said I would help you find him. I can't take you to him.
Why not?
Because he will kill me.
And if he finds out where you're from, he'll kill you, too.
Ever since Sol left, he's become suspicious of everyone, even me.
His people are too afraid to defy him, and those who dare are tortured or killed.
You're living proof of a world beyond that wall.
All our lives he told us there was nothing out there.
You being here doing in the city?
I went to find my brother. Sol.
That maniac is your brother?
That is one fucked up family, man.
They're at war.
And we're caught right in the middle.

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