Doomsday (2008): Dr Kane's Loss


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The clip Dr Kane's loss from Doomsday (2008) with Malcolm McDowell, Rhona Mitra

So, tell me.
What's it like out there now?
What do you care?
I'm curious.
Same shit, different era.
So we did the right thing, then, eh, by keeping ourselves to ourselves.
Don't you mean turning your back? You used to be a doctor.
At what point did you stop caring?
I used to be an idealist, too.
That night that they closed the gates.
That night, I lost everything.
My wife, my family.
You don't know the pain. You chose to stay hidden.
Your wife and family could still be out there.
You ever stop to think about their pain?
I haven't slept one night in 25 years without reliving that moment.
Who the hell are you to talk to me about pain? What do you know?
What did you ever lose?

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