Doomsday (2008): Virus Blockage Plan


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The clip virus blockage plan from Doomsday (2008)

Bloody Hell, George. What's got your knickers in a twist?
National emergency, I'm afraid. Briefing for the PM in five minutes.
Let's keep this informal and to the point.
We all know what's at stake, why you're here.
In 2023, when the rising tidal waters were threatening to flood London,
we extended the Thames flood barrier.
Like a castle moat, this system of canals
encircles the entire capital north of the river.
Our immediate plan is to flood the canals, blockade all bridges, tube lines
and rail links in and out of the city.
You want to put 12 million people under lock and key?
Containment is our absolute priority. We must implement martial law now.
Keep the people off the streets
while we secure the blockade and set up medical stations.
Only then can we begin the evacuation.
Do it.
It's all very well packing people into their homes
like so many million sardines,
but you drop a killer virus into that mix,
and this town is gonna go tits-up in no short order.
Once you start stacking bodies in the streets, there'll be panic,
public disorder, looting, rape, murder, and that's just for starters.
The death toll will be unimaginable,
and by that time, there'll be absolutely fuck-all we can do about it.
You have to think of the millions that we'll be saving.
Are you talking about people? Or pound notes?

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