Doomsday (2008): Mission to Retrieve Cure


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The clip mission to retrieve cure from Doomsday (2008) with Bob Hoskins, Alexander Siddig

Chief Nelson, would you join me in my office?
If this is a bollocking, make it quick.
I've got a job to do, I need to be out there on the streets.
What we're about to show you is highly confidential
and potentially volatile material.
When the wall went up, the government at that time, naturally,
wanted to know what was happening on the other side.
So they re-tasked one of their military satellites
to provide coverage of Edinburgh and Glasgow.
For the past 30 years, it's carried on taking pictures,
sending down what you'd expect. Empty cities, deserted streets.
That is, until three years ago, when these turned up.
On the streets of Glasgow.
Survivors? What else could it be?
And if there are survivors, there must surely be a cure.
What we have to do is get our hands on it.
We already have a team standing by.
All we need is somebody to lead them.
Someone to take them in, find the cure
and deliver it into our hands before it's too late to turn the tide.
You don't know how many survivors there are.
And the team might not find them in time. They might not find them at all.
And they could still be contagious.
That's what the team's going to find out.
You've known for three fucking years that they were up there,
but you swept it under the carpet.
Scotland's dead have long since been laid to rest.
Yesterday, if I turned up on the 6:00 news with a survivor in tow,

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