Doomsday (2008): Block the Virus


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The clip block the virus from Doomsday (2008) with David O'Hara

For your own safety, return to your homes.
East London is under martial law.
What the hell are we going to do, Canaris?
Just calm down and listen.
Even if, by some miracle,
Sinclair finds what she's looking for and makes it back in time,
the fact remains, this is our fault, we made it happen.
Too many people crammed into ghettos so tight they can barely move.
We created the perfect breeding ground for a virus to take place.
And the more we save now,
the more chance there is of the same thing happening all over again.
Now, we have an opportunity to buy ourselves breathing room.
What exactly are you suggesting?
We're at war, Prime Minister.
It's basic combat triage.
Leave the dying to die.
With the whole world watching?
With a lie this big, we can get away with anything we want.

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