Doomsday (2008): the Reaper Virus


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The clip the Reaper virus from Doomsday (2008)

Go back to your homes!
The Reaper virus spread among the population of Glasgow
like a common cold.
There was no stopping it.
No cure. No vaccine.
It claimed the lives of thousands in the first week.
This is the end of the world!
In an attempt to quell the outbreak, martial law was implemented.
Roadblocks set up. Curfews enforced.
Come on, darling. We have to walk now.
The airports, seaports and borders were closed.
Scotland was placed under quarantine.
The people were ordered to stay in their homes, to avoid travel, avoid contact,
to sit it out and wait for help that did not come.
Stay back!
You got to let us through!
Get out of the way! Move! Move! Get out of the way! Walk on, will you?
Hey, you! You! I'm talking at you!
Get down on the floor now!
Everybody, down!
Don't shoot!
You fucker!
Fall back! Fall back!
Get out of the way!

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