Doomsday (2008): Send Home


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The clip send home from Doomsday (2008) with Bob Hoskins

I'll never get used to that.
I don't suppose you got a cigarette?
When are you going to buy your own? Do you know how much these things cost?
Why do you think I smoke yours?
Michaelson was a good man.
Not the greatest copper on the beat, but
a good man.
What happened in there?
See for yourself.
Whatever happened to a good cause?
Can't remember what she looked like.
All I have is a name on an envelope and an address of a place I can never go to.
I've watched you fight your way through the ranks, tooth and nail.
And it's made you so full of piss and vinegar.
You carry on the way you're going,
you're gonna wind up one seriously fucked-up individual.
Now, do me a favor.
Please, go home. Get some rest.

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