Crossing Over (2009): Taslima Will Be Deported

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The clip taslima will be deported from Crossing Over (2009) Officially, she's being held... ...for an unla...
The clip taslima will be deported from Crossing Over (2009) Officially, she's being held... ...for an unlawful presence in the United States. Unofficially And I'll never repeat this outside this room- ...she's being detained for presenting an imminent threat... the security of the United States... ...based upon evidence that she planned to be a suicide bomber. And what evidence would that be? Don't play coy with me, counselor. The signs are all there. We're talking about a devout Muslim young woman... ...who at 15 years of age walks around veiled. Who engages in internet talk focused on the duty of Jihad. And writes openly about suicide. Did you take a look at her bedroom? How austere it was? This isn't the life of a normal teenager. Everything about her is a red flag. Only when viewed through the distorted looking glass... ...of your own paranoias. I could joust with you all day... ...but here's the reality of our situation. She's illegal. She's removable. And I intend to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement remove her... ensure the safety of the American people. Just like that? You would uproot a 15-year-old American teenager... ...who came to this country when she was 3 years old? Who doesn't speak Bangla... least not with any fluency. And based on the most circumstantial of evidence... would exile her to a Third World garbage dump... ...that to her might as well be another planet? That's exactly what I'm going to do, counselor. What about the rest of the family? The two younger siblings are American citizens. Yes, they're American citizens... ...and they're shit out of luck. Unless...