Crossing Over (2009): Hamid's Sister Killed


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The clip hamid's sister killed from Crossing Over (2009)

Maybe you can help me.
Do you recognize him?
Agent Baraheri?
It's her boss...
...from the print shop where she works.
We've got security video from the motel...
...of an unidentified male perp... a hooded sweatshirt leaving the scene.
Time of death somewhere between 11 and midnight.
Did you know that your sister was having relations...
...with Mr. Bedraz...
...who was married with two young kids?
I never talked to her...
...about the details of her private life, no.
Do you know of anyone...
...who may have had it in for her?
Jealous of her, perhaps?
Like I said, I didn't get into her life.
There's something else.
I found these while going through Mr. Bedraz' jacket...
...looking for identification.
They come in sets of threes.
Green card, driver's license, social.
All counterfeit.
We found more of this stuff at his apartment...
...earlier this afternoon.
As best we can figure...
...he was cranking them out after hours at the store.
We've referred that end of it... your documented benefit for our task force.
Think it might be Mexican mafia...

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