Crossing Over (2009): Taslima's Family's Choices


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The clip taslima's family's choices from Crossing Over (2009)

...none of them favorable to your situation.
You may request voluntary departure as an entire family...
...and leave the United States immediately.
Or you may choose to fight the matter...
...which inevitably would lead to deportation.
There is a third option.
And as painful as it is...
I am required to present it to you.
One of you could choose voluntary departure...
...and leave with Taslima...
...and one of you could remain in the U.S.
...with Jahanara and Abul.
How is that possible?
Special Agent Phadkar has intimated to me...
...that if we were to choose that course of action...
Immigration would not seek out the remaining parent...
...provided they kept a low profile.
There is something else you should understand.
Whichever of you remains...
...if you choose that...
...if you try to see Taslima before she leaves... would be taking a really big risk.
In all likelihood, she will be escorted by Immigration agents...
...all the way to her departure gate.

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