Crossing Over (2009): Car Accident

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The clip car accident from Crossing Over (2009) Uh, I'm not finding any record of your I-539 in our system...
The clip car accident from Crossing Over (2009) Uh, I'm not finding any record of your I-539 in our system. You said you sent it in six weeks ago? Eight. Eight weeks ago. Okay. Well, do you have a mailing receipt? No, because I just copied my I-94 and sent it by regular mail. Okay, well, then how about a cancelled check for the application fee? Um, well, I paid by money order. I don't have a checkbook. I didn't get a receipt for my money order. Listen, I'm starting to get a little concerned here- Ma'am, you are not out of status... ...until you receive a decision on your extension application. However, if that application is lost in the system... ...or for whatever reason it doesn't get to us... ...then how are we supposed to know... ...that you even sent it in in the first place? From our perspective, with no mailing receipt or cancelled money order...'re out of status, unless- My application just turns up. Son of a bitch. Fuck. It's a brand-new fucking car. Sorry, didn't I- I didn't have time to stop. You just shot out like that. I signaled, didn't I? No, and even if you did...'s supposed to be clear before you turn into the street. You okay? Yeah. Yeah? You look dazed. No. Do you need to sit down? Does it hurt anywhere? No, no, no, no, no. You sure? Yeah, I'm all right, I think. I've just had a really, really shitty day. Where you from, New Zealand? Australia. It's always one or the other. I can never quite tell the difference. I said New Zealand to impress you in case I was right. Most people usually say Australia... ...which upsets the Kiwis. I don't have the money to pay for this. I'm not insured on my car. Ouch. That's not good. I must have fucked someone over really badly in a past life...