Crossing Over (2009): Try to Get Citizenship


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The clip try to get citizenship from Crossing Over (2009)

It's that bitter pill can make you kill
It don't put me in the mood
So don't talk to yourself
But don't talk to me
There's a river running through it
The devil's not my enemy
So don't talk to yourself
But don't talk to me
If there's poison in the maker
Don't mistake the
That was great.
Thank you. I'm done.
Glad you came. So how was your class?
I got a recurring role on The D'Angelos.
You got a part? Are you serious?
You did? You got a part?
I know, it's unbelievable.
Oh, fuck. That's a big deal, babe. It's big news.
We should get a drink.
I'll get it.
Thanks, babe.
So how did you pull it off?
I don't know. The casting director knows my situation.
She's given me until Friday to get my I-9 in.
So there's a fellow I met through someone at Crunch.
He works at one of those photocopying stores on Fountain.
Come on, no, no,no. You can't do that.
If you get caught with a fake green card... could be done for fraud.
It's no different from photoshopping your Social Security card... remove the "Not for Employment" stamp.
Or passing yourself off as a religious Jew...
...when you're an atheist, like, an actual atheist.
Come home with me.
I'm serious. Come home with me.
It's not practical. You know that.
You know we can't make a go of it without status.
I've gotta get legal, and so do you.
You've got to get legal. You know that.
I'm working on that, all right?
I just want to know where this guy is.
Your Captain America who's gonna come down...
...he's gonna sweep you off your feet...
...he's gonna marry you, he's gonna make you legit.

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