Crossing Over (2009): Swearing-in Ceremony


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The clip swearing-in ceremony from Crossing Over (2009)

Good morning, everyone.
My name is Judge Leslie Freeman...
...of the Federal District Court.
And it is my great pleasure to welcome you here today.
All of you seated here share one thing in common.
You have all chosen, of your own free will... become citizens of this great nation.
For many of you, the road to this joyous moment...
...has been fraught with hardship and sacrifice.
It is incumbent upon me to remind you...
...of your newfound responsibilities as citizens...
...and also to remind you that an American citizenship... not a guarantee of success...
...but rather the promise of opportunities.
Unlimited opportunities.
It has always been my contention...
...that America is a welcoming nation...
...a country that accepts every new citizen...
...with an embrace of good faith.
You have endless credit to pursue your hopes and dreams... long as you honor the rules and laws of our society.
I myself am a first-generation American.
I guess I called it right.
Well, he's gotta put the family first.
Ain't that right, Hamid?
You know what I'm talking about.
Do we have to do this right now?
Yes, God damn it. Right now.
An innocent- yes, innocent young woman...
...was brutally murdered 'cause she flashed a little tit...
...on occasion, got it on with a married man...
...tried to live her life outside your goddamn family.
She was your sister.
She deserved better than that from you.
In this country, we don't abide by that shit.
We got a name for it. Murder.
Cold-blooded murder.
And you and Farid are going down for it.

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