Casino (1995): Ginger's Charm


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Congratulations, sweetheart.
Sam raised more than we've ever raised before.
But my greatest pleasure was watching my wife, Ginger, work the room.
They all loved her. How could you not love her?
She could be the most charming woman you ever saw.
People loved to be around her.
You've got to bring Amy to Sasha's birthday party.
We'd love to have you there.
Yes, okay.
She made everybody feel good.
That's Stella by starlight
Congratulations, Sam.
Oh, thanks.
Hello, Mrs. Rothstein. How are you?
You're one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen.
You're a lucky man, Mr. Rothstein.
Thank you. Thanks for that compliment.
He was a young kid from the casino.
Nice kid. Bright boy.
What balls on this fuckin' kid! The next day I fired him.
Ginger had that effect on people. I think she even encouraged them.
Do you wanna see this one? Ahhhh!
Daddy gave me all this jewelry because he loves me so much.
But as much as they loved her...
Oh, fabulous!
they didn't know what really moved her.
Look at this. Look at this. Daddy gave me this...
And with Ginger happy, I was able to concentrate on what I knew best.

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