Casino (1995): Vise


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The clip vise from Casino (1995) with Joe Pesci, Carl Ciarfalio

I know you would've ratted by now.
In the end, I had to put his fuckin' head in a vise.
Dogs, Dogs, can you hear me, Dogs?
Listen to me, Anthony. I got your head in a vise.
I'll squash your fuckin' head like a grapefruit if you don't give me a name.
Don't make me have to do this. Please. Come on!
Don't make me be a bad guy. Come on.
Fuck you!
This motherfucker. You believe this? Two fuckin' days and nights.
Fuck me? Fuck me? You motherfucker!
Fuck my mother? Is that what you're tellin' me?
You motherfucker, you! Huh?
Oh, God!
Give me the fuckin' name!
Charlie M.
Charlie M.?
Charlie M.
You make me pop your fuckin' eye outta your head...
to protect that piece of shit, Charlie M.?
You dumb motherfucker!
Kill me, you fuck! Kill me!
You motherfucker, you!
Frankie, do him a fuckin' favor.
The word got around that finally...
there was a real gangster in town.
Nicky was the new boss of Las Vegas.
Charlie M.

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