Casino (1995): Nickey's Taking Care of Ginger Part 5


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The clip nickey's taking care of ginger Part 5 from Casino (1995) with Frank Vincent, Pasquale Cajano

What could I say?
I knew if I gave the wrong answer...
Nicky, Ginger, Ace, all of them could have wound up gettin' killed.
Because there's one thing about these old-timers.
They don't like any fucking around with the other guys' wives.
It's bad for business.
So I lied, even though I knew that by lying to Gaggi...
I could wind up gettin' killed too.
No, I ain't seen anything like that.
Are you sure?
I'm positive.
Remo, things are very fucked up down there.
I know. That's why I'm asking.
You see, my main concern is Nicky.
I want to know if he's doing all right, if he's okay.
He's good. He's fine.
I'm asking you to keep an eye on Nicky.
Do it for me.
No problem.
I wouldn't want to be jeopardizing anything for our friends. Understand?
I understand.
Frankie, you're a good boy.
Thanks, Remo.
By now, Nicky and his crew had already hit rock bottom.
Vegas really got to him.
The booze, the coke, the broads.
I mean, he got sloppy.
He just wasn't the same Nicky anymore.
You must have drank too much.
Go fuck yourself.
One night he had to belt a guy three times...

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